Wednesday, June 18, 2014

American Revolutionary Leaders Come Alive With Augmented Reality

How do you get fifth grade students excited about research and learning about leaders during the American Revolution? Make it come alive through augmented reality! Each student researched a different leader (i.e. George Washington, Paul Revere, Sam Adams, etc.) and wrote a personal narrative about their role as a leader during the American Revolution. They then dressed in character and were filmed in front of a green screen, so that a background from that time period could be added. Lastly, they drew a portrait of themselves, which would ultimately be used as the target image for their augmented reality. Using Aurasma, their target image triggered their video. The level of engagement throughout this project was exhilarating! The students learned so much about the American Revolution from their own research as well as that of their clasmates. As an added bonus, parents were able to view all of these from home via their mobile devices whenever and wherever they wanted!