Monday, March 14, 2016

The Maker Movement

The Maker Movement is about moving from consumption to creation and turning knowledge into action. ~ Laura Fleming

Our students are inquisitive learners, but they need creative time and space to dream, create and invent. This is the year for a makerspace!

The library used to be a place that students visited to get a book, to get an answer, and to get information. Today’s students come to the library to use information, literature and technology to create new ideas, to become critical thinkers, to work collaboratively, and to communicate their thoughts. The library is no longer a place to GET knowledge; it is a place to MAKE knowledge.

With this in mind, we have been working to add a makerspace as an extension of our library media program. We are transforming a cluttered storage area that is adjacent to the library into a learning space where students will be encouraged to explore their interests, to take risks, to play, and to tinker with a wide variety of materials. We want them to have the opportunity to design, create, invent and discover! We want them collaborating, interacting with others, thinking and questioning. We’d like to build a makerspace that engages our kids and makes learning fun. We believe that if we build it, they will come! Our student leaders will have the opportunity to partake in STEM projects that strengthen and enhance their learning experiences. They’ll be exposed to things they didn’t know they would love, which will unleash their imagination and individual genius!

We have a vision to transform this space into a makerspace!

IMG_3792.jpg  DSC_0212.jpg

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