Saturday, September 12, 2015

It All Started With One Question

How can we improve the learning space in our library? That was the question posed to my students last spring. Little did I know at the time how many ideas they would have and how busy the next few months would be implementing their ideas. I have to be honest, until that moment, it had never really occurred to me to ask the students how to redesign the library even though it was their learning space. Their ideas were well thought out and creative. They spent a lot of time brainstorming in small groups and sharing ideas. I spent a lot of time listening. It was truly one of the most invigorating experiences as an educator to see students so excited and empowered to make changes to the library that would benefit themselves and future students. We were able to get some of their ideas in place before school let out for the summer, but the rest was completed over the summer. We then waited in anticipation for students to return in September to see their inspired redesigned library! The pictures below showcase some before and after pictures!

Le Cafe Cooper
Book Nook
Literacy Lounge
Easy Fiction
New Tables
At a Glance
Student Approved